An Appalachian Trail Series – Virginia, Part Two

Part two in this two-part post covers the Appalachian Trail north from Daleville, VA to the Virginia/West Virginia border:

277.5 miles from Daleville, VA to the Virginia/West Virginia border

  •   536.8 miles total in VA (not including the 15 miles +/- that hug the Virginia/West Virginia border)

23 Days from Daleville, VA to the Virginia/West Virginia border

  •   53 total days spent in VA

Fun Fact: Nearly one-fourth of the Appalachian Trail runs through Virginia.


Leaving Daleville was a struggle. Not so much from the pull of the town but from the state of exhaustion I found myself in. I don’t know if it’s malnourishment (probably) or the daily wear-and-tear on my body (likely) but I knew I needed to try something new. We’re going to start with upping our calorie count. Little things like adding olive oil to meals and packing out peanut butter are worth their weight in gold in terms of the calories added. Continue reading

An Appalachian Trail Series – Georgia

Georgia Fun Facts

78.5 miles

9½ Days

2nd most elevation change on the A.T. (New Hampshire is first)

Highest point: Blood Mountain–4,458 feet

Lowest point: A sleepless night at Mountain Crossings Hostel acclimating to fellow hikers’ snoring habits.


Georgia, Georgia, Georgia… What can I say?


Unless you’ve just completed an Ironman triathlon or are Chris Hemsworth, you will struggle with this state. Physically, mentally, emotionally… Georgia covers a lot of ground on the struggle bus. Continue reading