Red Rocks Shenanigans

There are many perks to living in Denver…

A) The Weather

B) The Beer

C) Having a local football team that actually wins (don’t worry, we are still Lions proud!)

But, the absolute best thing about living in Denver is how close we are to some really cool stuff. Case in point: Red Rocks Amphitheater. Continue reading

An Update from the Mile-High City

As I am sitting in our new apartment, while Rob is at work, I’m thinking about how much I love our new city and trailed off to “Huh, I haven’t updated too many people on what it is we are actually doing.”

Yes, we’ve finally committed. Not to a mental institution, though that may have seriously been the first thought on some of your minds, but instead to a place to settle down for a little while. While home in Michigan, our response to where we were heading after the Colorado Trail varied from one day to the next: Continue reading