An Appalachian Trail Series – Pennsylvania

229.6 miles

18 days

Synopsis: Friends. Beer. Rocks. Halfway Point. Camera Death. Rocks. Ice Cream. Mosquitoes. Rocks. Dehydrations. Heat. Lots of fun. Lots of rocks.


When reflecting on our time in Pennsylvania, I’m flooded with a strange range of emotions:

 “Nice! This state isn’t as rocky as they say!”

                       “WILL THESE F-ING ROCKS EVER F-ING END?!?!”

“Oh, look at that pretty stream.”

                           “WHERE DID ALL OF THE F-ING WATER GO?!?!”

“The people of PA, and those we are hiking with, are fantastic!”

                                       “WHY IS SHE A STRIPPER?!?!”

As we discovered, the lack of consistency in our PA journey is what made this state so memorable.

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