Red Rocks Shenanigans

There are many perks to living in Denver…

A) The Weather

B) The Beer

C) Having a local football team that actually wins (don’t worry, we are still Lions proud!)

But, the absolute best thing about living in Denver is how close we are to some really cool stuff. Case in point: Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Rob and I ventured here not too long ago to check out the holiest of holies in the music venue world. We also wanted to walk some of the short hiking trails surrounding the theater so we made an afternoon of it. The transmission in our car is acting a little funky so driving too far into the mountains isn’t in our cards right now. Red Rocks is right on the edge of the Front Range so this was a quick trip that we knew we would be able to drive home from.

The Amphitheater

Upon arrival, we first scoped out the amphitheater. The commanding views draw your eyes from the amphitheater itself to the red rocks surrounding it; from the contrasting green hills to the blue outline of Denver’s downtown. Once we admired its beauty, our focus turned to man on the right doing single-leg hops up the stairs. Already in awe, we then switch focus to a woman doing bear crawls up the amphitheater, run back down to the bottom, do bear crawls back up and repeat. Denver is full of people who are far better at doing just about anything athletically better than you.

At this moment of inferiority, we decided to check out the museum showcasing the incredible amount of well-loved bands that have played here through the years. It is no wonder why Red Rocks is such a sought after venue.

Here’s a fun fact: The Beatles played here in 1964 as one of the earliest notable rock-and-roll bands to hit its stage. Interestingly enough, this was the only venue during their 1964 U.S. tour to not sell out. It is widely believed that this was due to the high ticket prices… which were $6.60.

Wanting to check out the rest of the park, we decided to walk the short 1.5 mile Trading Post Trail. Under blue skies and moderate temperatures, we started our walk under perfect conditions.

Red Rocks (2)

Natures way of pitting so many contrasting colors against each other is simply amazing.

  Red Rocks (3)Red Rocks (4)Red Rocks (5)Red Rocks (6)

In true Colorado fashion, however, it wasn’t long before blue skies turned gray with thunder booming in the distance. Damn, I thought weather in Michigan was unpredictable but there truly is no comparison. The weather gods are especially bipolar here.

We weren’t too concerned since it was a short half mile hike back to the car…. or so we thought. Once we arrived to the amphitheater, which we needed to walk through to get back to our car, we discovered that every exit was blocked by security. The Jack (::gag::) Johnson concert was sold out that evening and they were in the finishing stages of set-up. I truly question the musical preferences of the generations when a Jack Johnson concert sells-out but the Beatles were 2,000 tickets short of one. Psh.

We walked up to a security guard blocking one of the exits under the assumption that she would be the best person to ask on how to get back to our car. She immediately appeared on edge, like she expected us to ram through her stronghold to break into the Jack (::gag::) Johnson concert. She seemed utterly confused on how we made it through the area in the first place so, when we told her that we were walking the Trading Post Trail, she appeared to come to the realization that she may encounter more people like us. The only way to get back to our car, she said, was to walk the winding road up the mountain to the North Lot where our car was. She said it was going to be a long two miles. The tone in her voice made it sound like we would have to battle warlocks and dragons if we were going to make it back alive. Fortunately for us, the two mile walk was more like a 5 minute walk as there is a well-used path connecting the road we were on to the parking lot that we needed to get to.

Phew, that was a close call. I wasn’t sure if Rob would survive the battle.

And, having even more luck, the rain held off just barely long enough to make it to our car without getting wet. Barely. As soon as we closed the doors, the flood gates opened up.

We had one lucky day.

2 thoughts on “Red Rocks Shenanigans

  1. So pretty!!! Mike and I hiked in Brighton over Labor Day, 6-7miles! Man are we out of shape… Haha. You guys would love the trail out there, its awesome! Miss you and love you both!


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