AND, We’re Off!

Like Spain in the World Cup, we’re out. Off to bite into another adventure and take on the German’s…

Wrong topic. We’ve been catching a lot of World Cup action around here if you couldn’t tell.

We’re off to the state whose name means “colored red”. It is the only state to TURN DOWN hosting the Olympics. Who does that? Cool people do that who want to protect their city. Or, perhaps they were too busy inventing the cheeseburger or celebrating “Mike the Headless Chicken Day”. Seriously, look it up. The reason we are heading here is more to do with the fact that it is home to 222 state wildlife areas and contains 75% of the land area of the U.S. with an altitude over 10,000 feet. Also, one of our favorite people lives here, our AT companion, Fluttering Whisper Dick (yes, this is his real name).

You got it, we’re off to hike the Colorado Trail. Wait, that wasn’t your guess? You want to learn more about it? Great! I’m about to do that anyways.

First though, we’re also caught up on The Walking Dead so the world is right again (semi-spoiler alert if you click that awesome link). We’ve finished what we came to do. Not just to finish watching The Walking Dead (that sounds really lame) but to pack our stuff and get our house in order (also really lame). Now, our biggest challenge to overcome is how to pack all of our shit into one car (otherwise known as First World Problems).


 486 Miles

Northern Terminus: Denver (ish)

Southern Terminus: Durango (ish)

Lowest Elevation: 5,520 feet (at the Denver-ish trailhead where we start)

Highest Elevation: 13, 271 feet (374 miles in… should give us some time to acclimate)

Average Elevation: ≈10, 300 feet

Marmots, bighorn sheep, elk, bears and mountain lions live in these habitats (nope, no need for a gun)

Should take us 4-6 weeks

Starting Early to Mid July (so, I guess, we’re ALMOST off)

Needless to say, we are pretty stoked to be getting back to nature. Although the trip isn’t quite as long as what we planned on the PCT, it is kind of nice to only plan for something like 6 maildrops as opposed to 16 or so. At least our gear and PCT prep will come in handy (read: we didn’t completely waste our own time).

Now, off to put in some prayers for USA vs Germany!

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